Updating codec on ps3

The recent debacle surrounding the shaky launch of GTA V has left it open to criticism that it might not have otherwise received if all had been plain sailing; if MI6 suggested it could launch WMDs within 45 minutes, I would expect war to be declared on R* at the moment.That said, being a professional scientist I reserve the right to have my hypothesis disproven.

Even after uninstalling and reinstalling it sees a test version. You can find all previous builds here: https://showtimemediacenter.com/builds/showtime As far as I am concerned it seems that the 0x80610180 error only occurs if Showtime is started from Multiman and thus it must somehow be correlated to Multiman.I believe I wrote about this before, but the only change that fixed it is to lower the spu_threads to 3 (from 4): in src/arch/ps3/ps3_vdec.c spu_threads = 3; I guess because Movian is spawned from another app it takes one SPU and makes it unavailable for movian.Anyway, it works just fine decoding 1920x1080 H.264 5.1 AC3 audio in the latest Movian .Tell us about your experience in the comments section!ORIGINAL: PS3 users in the UK and Ireland are currently flocking to Twitter to complain that their friend list has disappeared; I’m one of them…

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