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To minimize the impact of injuries every day 200 people collaborate in the medical attention.

They are deployed in 16 sanitary posts (every 50 metres on average), each one with at least a physician and a nurse among their personnel.

This organization makes it possible to have a gored person stabilized and taken to a hospital in less than 10 minutes.

Though there is no formal dress code, the very common and traditional attire is white pants, white shirt with a red scarf around the waist and a red handkerchief around the neck.

Another major risk is runners falling and piling up (a "montón") at the entrance of the bullring, which acts as a funnel as it is much narrower than the previous street.

In such cases injuries come both from asphyxia and contusions to those in the pile and from goring if the bulls crush into the pile.

The benediction is a prayer given at a statue of Saint Fermin, patron of the festival and the city, to ask the saint's protection and can be translated into English as "We ask Saint Fermin, as our Patron, to guide us through the encierro and give us his blessing". Most runners dress in the traditional clothing of the festival which consists of a white shirt and trousers with a red waistband ("faja") and neckerchief ("pañuelo"). A second rocket signals that all six bulls have been released.

Also some of them hold the day's newspaper rolled to draw the bulls' attention from them if necessary. The third and fourth rockets are signals that all of the herd has entered the bullring and its corral respectively, marking the end of the event.

A runner died of suffocation in one such pile up in 1977.Most of these 200 people are volunteers, mainly from the Red Cross.In addition to the medical posts, there are around 20 ambulances.A double wooden fence is used in those areas where there is enough space, while in other parts the buildings of the street act as barriers.The gaps in the barricades are wide enough for a human to slip through, but narrow enough to block a bull.

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