Sexy chat in sms

Ask your man to give some input by telling him you're trying on lingerie, but need a second opinion.Bonus if you send a picture of few options — you don't even need to be in them to stoke his imagination.)RELATED: Common Sex Mistakes Men Make — and How to Avoid Them Was he running through your dreams last night? ) Send him a mid-day message to share all the juicy details.

Napiš mi na sex po telefonu, už se tě nemohu dočkat! Napiš mi na sex po telefonu, už jsem pořádně mokrá! Pak mi tedy napiš na sex po telefonu a já ti vše prozradím. Napiš mi na sex po telefonu a krásně si to spolu užijeme. Put some lingerie on the side of the photo so he knows it's more than just dinner that's waiting for him.Write up a coy "waiting for you at home…" and he will come rushing, stat.

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