Problems updating iphone software

And while those reports are true, they will probably end up fixing all by themselves.

And it's all because of the problems that blight almost every new software update.

But it's not usually possible to judge either way until a few days after the software is released.

After months of beta testing, Apple pushed-out the next-generation mobile operating system to i Phone and i Pad users worldwide earlier this week.i OS 11 brings a torrent of new features to smartphones and tablets, including a one-handed keyboard for i Phone owners, augmented reality features, a completely redesigned Control Centre menu, and improvements to the editing capabilities in the Photos app.i Pad users will also benefit from greatly-improved multi-tasking, with i OS 11 users able to drop-and-drop text, images, and files, between apps.

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This is all happening in the background following the update, battery life will suffer and it can take a day or two before things get back to normal. Your i Phone should be back to full working order very soon.That, too, will happen in the first few days, as developers push out updates and the phone works to get hold of them all.But both of them will happen over the first few days and then resolve themselves.First of all, it's likely you’re using your smartphone a little more frequently.There are a plethora of brilliant new features and hidden tricks discover – not to mention, settings to tweak and play around – which will all take their toll on your battery.

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