Madonna and dennis rodman dating asian dating wisconsin

Perhaps Pac’s real thinking behind dumping Madonna was some “it’s not you, it’s me” reasoning—blaming the breakup on himself when in reality he’s uneasy about becoming another Black male prop in the Madonna show.Guy Oseary Maverick Films 331 North Maple Drive 2nd Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Phone: 310-276-6177 Angela Becker Maverick Films are also the production managers for Madonna.How many women these days are left enraged, annoyed or heartbroken because their man dumped them via text?This brother wrote his woman a long, thoughtful letter confirming how much he loves her in the midst of discontinuing the relationship.A letter to Madonna written in 1995 was released this week, launching a firestorm because Pac dumped Madge from prison because she’s white.First off, let’s give Pac a little credit as a boyfriend.We talk about Tupac so much these days you’d be right to wonder if he’s still alive.

All good recording artists are constantly making such calculations.She has used Black men from Leon in her music video for “Like a Prayer,” to Big Daddy Kane in her Sex book, to Dennis Rodman, who she dated briefly but very publicly (around the same time she was dating Pac), to Drake, who she made out with onstage in 2015.In so doing she has perpetuated the ancient, hoary stereotype that Black men are sexual animals.Like politicians carefully weighing how each word impacts their image, recording artists are constantly considering how each step they make impacts their image and their audience. That’s what you’re seeing here: Pac avoiding the risks involved with publicly dating this white woman.He understands that for her, dating him would enhance her image. It would’ve definitely made her seem that much more edgy to have the biggest name in hip-hop—a famous, young Black man—as her boyfriend.

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