Dating interracial se

During that visit he offered no criticism of the university's then existing prohibition against interracial dating.In the controversy that ensued, no nationally prominent figures defended Bob Jones's policy.This trend will almost certainly continue; polling data and common observation indicate that young people tend to be more liberal on these matters than their elders.In 1960 there were about 51,000 black-white married couples in the United States; in 1970 there were 65,000, in 1980 there were 121,000, in 1990 there were 213,000, and by 1998 the number had reached 330,000.This development has prompted commentators to speak of the "creolization" or "browning" or "beiging" of America.

S.-born Asian-American husbands and 45 percent of U.

Previously, the new couples in mixed marriages tended to be older than other brides and grooms.

They were frequently veterans of divorce, embarking on second or third marriages.

In 1998, when 330,000 black-white couples were married, 55,305,000 couples were married overall.

Moreover, the racial isolation of blacks on the marriage market appears to be greater than that of other people of color: much larger percentages of Native Americans and Asian-Americans marry whites.

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