Bender and amy dating

His two Hookerbots follow him.] Hookerbot: Bender, honey, we love you! Discreet And Discrete" written on it.] Bender: Ah, computer dating. Bender hammers a sign on a door that has "Bender's Computing Dating Service. [They laugh then juggle.] Wait, why aren't we making out? [They kiss and drop to the floor.] [Scene: Planet Express Corridor. Bender: Just check off the things you're looking for in a love partner. [He punches out another.] Oh, I'd like some of that. We could have a picnic and spit watermelon seeds at Jupiter. [Cut to: Planet Express: Supply Room.] Fry: (whispering) It's working, they think we're making out. Ah, it's cool how we sort of think exactly alike, and junk. Bender has set up his dating service at the table and is about to interview a client.] Bender: OK, Mister...? [He punches out the rest of the holes and hands it back to Bender.] Bender: Now to run it through our high-speed romance-a-logical data-fier. Outside the lounge, Larry, Lou and a saleswoman from Alien Overlord & Taylor queue to use Bender's dating service.] [Cut to: Planet Express: Lounge. [He hands Zapp a sheet of paper.] Zapp: Let's see ... [Another one.] Mmm, I'll just have everything on the menu.

[Amy finishes her call and sighs.] Amy: It'll be a couple hours. [She pulls the zip on her top down.] Fry: Hey, tell me something: You've got all this money, how come you always dress like you're doing your laundry? My folks were always on me to groom myself and wear underpants. [Amy laughs.] Amy: Yeah, and if you were the Pope they'd be all, "Straighten your Pope hat," and, "Put on your good vestments." [Fry laughs then Amy joins in.] You know, Fry, it's nice to find someone I can talk to about stuff, and junk. Later, the sun is setting and the Septuple-A recovery truck arrives. The man laughs again.] [Scene: Planet Express: Meeting Room.

The Futurama Workout The Links Zone [Opening Credits. [Amy and Victor sit in the Beta Romeo.] Victor: The luxurious seats are stuffed with eagle down and the dashboard inlaid with the beaks of a thousand eagles. [He gets back onto the platform.] Mechanic: Alright.

Caption: Not Based On The Novel by James Fenimore Cooper.] [Scene: Planet Express: Lounge. But sooner or later that ass is gonna blow, and when it does, I just pray you're not moonin' someone you care about. Amy and Leela look under the bonnet of the Beta Romeo.] Amy: Smeesh, Leela! They drive across the Mercurial surface listening to music.] Fry: Boy, this A.

[Bender turns around and gasps at what he sees grafted to his butt.] Bender: You, sir, have defaced a national treasure! They pass Hg's Fuel, the only fuel station on the planet.] (shouting) Boy, this heater is incredible!

The mechanic lowers him to the floor and he gets up.] Mechanic: I installed shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce the risk of catastrophic butt failure.

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