Asion dating

In sweet treats, its complex flavour has no replacement. In the span of less than four weeks, it has become one of my favourite cafes in Sydney. As a result, seating is cramped, and you will find yourself uncomfortably close to other cafe hoppers. Red bean and cream cheese, while seemingly an odd combination, works.They will literally be right next to you, almost rubbing shoulders. Also, my back started hurting after awhile, as I’m forced to bend over to eat my food. Make it a quick visit – you’ll do those waiting in line a huge favour as well. The cream cheese moistened the muffin which improved its texture, while the red bean provided the classic sweetness that all Asians are evolutionarily programmed to love.I’ve been wanting to try Cre Asion cafe in the Sydney CBD for a while now after seeing droolworthy photos of its creations on Instagram.Tucked away in a small alley, Cre Asion is tiny with very minimal seating on low stools and tables that don’t even reach your knee., like it was a matcha made in heaven (I promised no puns, I do not deliver).The chicken is poached to tender perfection, the same which can be said of the enoki mushrooms – tender but still fibrously & chewy.But when you consider a lava cake dessert at a restaurant usually comes in the high-s, this is a relative bargain.

Orders are written on small post it notes and there’s something quaint about that.

I was lucky to find 4 matcha chocolate fondants left as these bad boys sell out quickly.

The matcha latte in a bowl game out thick and bright green.

That, and the wasabi component of the mayo lacking a bit of vigour, are the only nitpicks I have on an otherwise solid example of a good sandwich. In the end, good old fashioned porcine goodness is what gets me to my happy place.

That, and cheese – two ingredients this sandwich has in abundance.

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