Are kaitlyn weaver and andrew poje dating

Before they go out to skate a competitive program, they embrace, which calms them and lets them know they’re in it together.

Their sense of unity was sealed during their first season together when Weaver uprooted her life and moved to another country because she knew a partnership with Poje was meant to be.

“We’re out there to get emotion and expression across to the audience so that they have a great experience and a great show,” Poje said.

“We get better at performing.” Away from the ice, Poje was tapped to do a photo shoot for , a men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Krylova, a two-time World Ice Dance Champion and Olympic silver medalist, focuses on technical proficiency, and Camerlengo, a past Olympic and World competitor and highly sought after choreographer, pushes forward the team’s artistry.

Bourne, also a World Champion, works on the couple’s performance level.

He wore several different styles of clothes - from casual pieces to an extravagant, modern tuxedo.In the 2014-15 season, their hard work, persistence and talent prevailed, as they dominated ice dancing, winning not only Grand Prix competitions - Skate Canada and NHK Trophy - but the Grand Prix Final (first Canadian team to do so in 13 years), ISU Four Continents Championships and second World Championships medal.“We find the silver linings in all the difficult moments and show ourselves what we can do no matter what happens—going through adversity and showing our strength,” says Poje.At the World Championships in 2011, they cemented their place in the sport’s elite with a fifth-place finish.They rose to fourth in 2012 performing an extraordinary free dance to the song “Je Suis Malade.” pro Anna Trebunskaya said of that routine, “They’re like the leading man and leading lady.

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