Are carlos ponce and anahi dating

Ricardo breaks up with Patricia and gets married to Angélica. Ricardo and Angélica return from their honeymoon because his mother suffered a stroke. Santiago reappears and tries to recover his life and Angélica’s heart.Yolanda claims back her actions at Grupo KNG from Ricardo and she becomes the main shareholder. Angélica now faces a big dilemma: she is married to two different men, both of whom she loves and needs.Armando hires a woman called Abril to make Jorge fell in love with her and separate him and Jennifer. Maya, together with her children, abandons the house where she used to live with Cristobal, goes to Ciudad de Mexico, and becomes Yolanda's personal assistant. Patricia offers him her help to get out of prison in exchange of him leaving Angelica. Adela, an ex-student of Santiago who is in love with him, discovers that he is alive and starts dating him. Jennifer and Dario start dating but she also has a one-night stand with Jorge. Cristobal's brother loves Refugio and helps her to become a singer.

She faces the toughest decision of her life as she has to decide between the two men that love her. Refugio (Laura Leon) is married to Cristobal and they have a son named Oscar and a daughter named Cristina.Cristobal is polygamous and he has another wife named Mara with whom he has a boy and a girl, and a mistress called Dayana. After two years of mourning, Angélica finds love in Ricardo Valtierra. Cristobal gets married for the third time, with Dayana.Angélica Estrada (Anahí) is a veterinarian committed to her job.She is engaged to Santiago Ballesteros (Carlos Ponce), a young and good-looking architect. Santiago's mother, widow Patricia Ortiz Monasterio (Olivia Collins), doesn't like Angelica and wants Santiago to get married to Jennifer (Malillany Marin), Armando Garza's (Alfredo Adame) daughter.

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